2017 Best Book Cover Designs: An Inspiration for the New Year

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2017 Best Book Cover Designs: An Inspiration for the New Year

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This article was contributed by Meena Azzollini.

从2017年开始,一个很好的方法就是记住10本精彩的书,designers and cover artists of 2016.

Book cover designs是书上的艺术。当你把书拿在手里,甚至在你读布告之前,the cover design will transport you to the inside.

It's the book cover which will market the book by appealing to readers.

这就是书籍封面设计师如此重要的原因。凭借他们的设计技巧,they are able to translate the entirety of the book into a single visual element – your first impression of a book.


Stargazers Sister Design Oliver Munday

设计师:奥利弗·蒙戴是一位纽约的平面设计师,他的初恋是设计海报。以极简书皮设计著称,Munday likes to play with typography and use bold colors and imagery in unconventional ways.Munday believes that a书皮设计不应该是关于装饰的。but about conveying an idea – and he does it well with this cover.

The Trees by Ali Shaw

The trees by Ali Shaw

Designer: David Munn is theart directorat Bloomsbury publishing.But he did not start his career with book cover designs,但有一段时间是包装设计师。提供了西蒙和舒斯特书刊封面设计师的职位,Mann has since designed covers for many authors.他作为封面设计师最喜欢的一面is an opportunity to create a new image一年后的同一部小说。Mann tries to read most of the titles he designs for to spark any ideas for the cover.


My father the pornographer_Chriss Offutt

Designer: Jamie Keenan is London based book designer who believes that designing a book cover gives him the freedomto treat is as a piece of packaging,a mini poster or corporate identity where he can use photography,try illustrations or experiment with typography and create something wonderful.Keenan designs a cover that reflects the 400 pornography novels written by the author's father,which initiates a journey into a complicated father-son relationship.

Burned Away by Kristen Simmons

Burned away Kristen Simmons

Designer: Goni Montes is a波多黎各天才插画家,now settled in USA where he concentrates more on freelance advertising and editorial work.His work is vibrant and bold,rich in color and fascinating in concept and style.这张封面展示了他的签名风格,他也不失为一个令人印象深刻的人。

Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke

Wink poppy midnight Tucholke

Illustrator: Lisa Perrin is anaward winning illustrator and designerand findsher inspirationin folk art,Victorian decorative arts and the natural world.白天,她是美国问候的插画家。After work,she is busy with freelance projects honing her skills and developing her style which is flat,graphic and has a palette full of modern colors – reflected in this wonderful illustration,封面设计师使用克里斯汀·史密斯.


Cuckoo Design Keren David

Designer: Jack Smyth is an Irish designer now living in London and designing book jackets for Simon and Schuster.在这本书的封面上,他基本上抓住了小说的要点:一个男孩在经历危机时,在沙发上冲浪,在地板上睡觉,by photographing his housematein a makeshift experiment.He used type face and color to complete the look and add a bit of personality.

Dexter Palmer的版本控制

Version Control Dexter Palmer

Cover Art: David Szauder is a Hungarian media artist now living in Berlin.His unique style of基于计算机代码的数字图像在这本封面上展出,这本封面适合于一部时间旅行小说。David developed his style by计算机代码实验and adding concepts and narratives to images that visually express 威廉希尔中国官网beauty and emotion.The cover designer is New Jersey basedJanet Hansen.

The Lie Tree by Francis Hardinge

封面艺术:Vincent Chong是英国获奖illustrator and designer.出版商要求保持这本书与作者以前的书相似,布谷鸟的歌声,Vincent designed the cover of this bookthrough a series of sketches根据艺术总监和设计师的意见,,Maria Middleton.

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst


设计师:雅各布·艾辛格known as Yippeihey.This German designer has panache for type-driven design.凭借他对信件的热爱和他在3D CGI中的卓越表现,he has created many astounding designs.Heloves the process of creating letterforms他用这张封面创作了另一幅杰作Michelle Taormina,who is a hand letterer,哈珀柯林斯的设计师和艺术总监。

Brit Bennett的母亲们

The Mothers Brit Bennett

设计师:瑞秋·威利是布鲁克林的平面设计师,USA.被认为是她最受欢迎的封面之一,这个盖子是由using overlapping silhouettes它与色彩和设计相互作用,以反映女性之间的关系。Hailed如何设计作为“图书设计硕士”,Rachel's other notable covers in 2016 are Little Nothing by Marisa Silver and Boy Erased by Garrard Conley.

Do you have any other notable book cover designs from 2016 or 2017 to add to the mix??