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写博客是赚钱的最有成就感的方式之一,同时也与世界分享你所知道的。然而,从想法到赚钱是一个巨大的飞跃。为了帮助你开始写博客,我们把这本指南放在一起,向你展示了如何写博客。William Hill英格兰超级联赛

How to Start a Blog That Will Make Money

Whether you're tired of barely scraping by with your 9-5 or are looking for something to keep you busy as a stay-at-home mom,把你的时间花在维护一个博客上,可以成为一种带来稳定收入的可行方法。In fact,there are hundreds of bloggers out there who earn 每年40000美元或以上 —just by blogging about things that interest them! 可以,所以有一点比这更重要。Being able to write well about topics that matter to you is 成功经营博客方面,but there are many other factors that come into play as well.从了解如何使用内容管理系统到了解搜索引擎优化的基础知识,there are quite a few technical skills you'll need to develop in order to run a successful blog that actually brings in money.Still,如果你有奉献精神和抱负,你当然可以把博客变成兼职甚至全职的职业! The average salary of a blogger varies 大大地 ,with most bringing in 每月几百美元 .写博客的好处,然而,is that the possibilities are endless,如果你知道如何吸引你的读者,并利用你可用的工具/资源,你就有可能在博客上获得一个舒适的全职生活。 Interested in blogging but not sure where to start?We've got you covered.通过以下五个关键步骤,you can be well on your way to launching,promoting,and monetizing a blog.

Step One: Decide on Your Blog Topic

First things first: what will you blog about? 这些天,你可以在任何你能想到的话题上找到几十个(如果不是几百个)博客。从旅行和育儿到美食和美丽,威廉希尔中国官网每个人都有自己的位置。关键是找到你的。


先想想你的激情,技能,and hobbies.What are you good at?如果你在某一主题上拥有大学学位或其他正式证书,这是一个很好的开始。After all,a formal degree will help to boost your reputation as a thought leader in the industry right off-the-bat.即使你没有大学学位,然而,随着时间的推移,你已经掌握了别人可以从中受益的技能或具体知识。For example,如果你是父母,创建一个“妈妈博客”,在那里你可以分享育儿经验和类似的故事,这可能是一个很好的开始。


当然,在考虑你的博客内容时,you'll also want to consider current trends and your potential reader audience.例如,虽然拥有英语语源学硕士学位是很了不起的成就,you may have a hard time reaching a broad reader base on such a specific and technical topic.Instead,consider the fact that the most successful blogs are typically based on topics that appeal to a wide audience.这就是为什么食物,养育子女,美容博客威廉希尔中国官网很受欢迎!

Grab a Good Domain Name and Reliable Host

一旦你决定了你的博客的主题/焦点,it's time to snag a domain name and hosting for your site. Choosing a domain name 比大多数新博客认识到的更重要;you'll want to select something that's: 理想的,your domain should be a ".com" and should contain keywords that relate to your blog topic itself.Just be sure to avoid any potential copyright issues or legal problems when establishing a domain. In choosing a host for your blog,从字面上看,有数百种选择,而且仅仅选择一种可能是压倒性的。Taking the time to do your research,探索托管包,阅读对托管公司的评论可以带来所有的不同。许多出售域名的公司也提供主机作为软件包的一部分,所以你可以从注册域名的公司购买你的主机来省钱。


下一步,现在是决定内容管理系统(CMS)的时候了。This is where things can become a bit confusing for the first-time blogger.但别担心;this stuff really isn't as complicated as it sounds.

What is a CMS and Why Do You Need One?

Specifically,CMS是指允许博客作者(以及其他数字内容制作者,如网站所有者)轻松创建网站,无需从头开始编码。This is ideal for the average beginning blogger,谁不太了解(如果有的话)HTML或CSS,但仍然希望能够建立一个功能网站和博客从头开始。A CMS may also have additional features,such as online support,the ability to install extensions and plug-ins,审计日志,还有更多。许多CMS选项也将有自己的主题,可以很容易地集成到您的博客或网站,其中一些是可定制的。 CMS可以节省大量时间,麻烦,以及从零开始建造一个网站的资金。Instead,你可以很容易地选择一个主题,根据您的需要定制,准备好在几分钟内发帖。CMS还使您更容易在网站上创建统一的外观和感觉,根据需要进行更改,轻松和管理内容。Some CMS options also have features that allow you to schedule content posting in advance,so you can write a blog and schedule it to post on a certain date and time.

How to Choose the Right CMS

Generally,for beginning bloggers,WordPress is a good place to start because they have affordable hosting,allow you to use your own domain for a small fee,同时提供大量的博客模板(付费和免费),以满足您的需求。他们的界面也很人性化,对于那些刚开始运行自己的博客或网站的人来说,这是理想的选择。If you want to explore other options,然而,there are some tips worth keeping in mind that'll help you 选择正确的CMS 为了你的需要。 首先考虑你的博客需要的特定功能,无论现在还是将来。For example,你打算在某个时候开一家自己的网店来进一步赚钱吗?如果是这样,then you'll need a CMS that supports eCommerce.你还需要考虑你的具体预算。你每月花多少钱在你的博客CMS上?Obviously,when your blog is first starting out and not making as much (if any) profit,你不想被巨额的CMS账单困住。 一些最受欢迎的CMS平台供博主考虑(除了上述的WordPress),包括:


Once you've decided on the content management system that's right for your needs,it's time to get started.For the sake of explaining the basic process (which more-or-less applies to all CMS options),我们将使用WordPress作为示例。 You'll need to begin by installing WordPress through your website host,你可以手动操作,也可以通过主机本身来操作(由于WordPress的流行性,大多数人应该有一个选择)。从那里,you can login to your WordPress account and access your site's preferences and options.The first thing you'll want to do once you're logged in is to change the design of your site.You can do this by going to the "appearance" menu and selecting your desired theme.有很多免费的WordPress主题,but you can purchase more advanced themes or even hire somebody to create one for you. 一旦你选择了你的主题,确保不仅在您的计算机上测试它,but on your mobile devices as well.Responsiveness is key,尤其是考虑到现在越来越多的人使用他们的移动设备(如平板电脑和智能手机)访问他们最喜欢的网站。Also be sure to take the time to create an "About Me" page and customize your blog a bit so that first-time visitors will have an idea of what your blog is about without necessarily having to read through an entire post. 从那里,花点时间熟悉WordPress(或其他选择的CMS)及其工作原理。You should have a sidebar available with options to create separate pages,安装插件和扩展,and create new posts.根据您选择的特定CMS,there may be additional features that allow you to keep track of your website traffic,页面视图,以及其他能让你更好地了解你的博客表现的统计数据。These tracking and reporting features will become extremely useful as you begin to post on your blog,especially since this will allow you to specifically track how well each blog post is doing,how many people it is reaching,and other metrics.


既然您对CMS的工作方式有了更好的了解,是时候从你的第一篇博客开始了。在这里,花时间反思一下你的听众,什么会让他们感兴趣变得如此重要。有那么多相互竞争的博客,不管你想写的是什么主题,都很可能已经完成了!In fact,你知道已经有了 近400万 妈妈博客在网络上,那 14%的妈妈 with at least one child run a blog?考虑到这一点,you'll need to find a way to make your content more engaging,有趣的,比其他所有的博客文章都独特。

Come Up With an Engaging Title

Your blog title is the first thing your potential readers will see,因此,你的标题要引人注目,并鼓励浏览者点击并阅读更多内容,这一点很重要。A dull blog title can cause people to scroll right past your blog link,即使内容本身很精彩。All too often,new bloggers find themselves facing a case of "writer's block" when it comes time to start their blogs because they can't come up with a creative title.如果这是你面临的问题,consider writing your blog first and then coming back to write the title at the end.After all,as content manager 阿曼达海尔 解释, "It doesn't matter if you craft [your title] in the beginning,middle or end — regardless,你应该确保它足够有趣和引人入胜,人们一看到你的帖子就会马上阅读。” By the time you've written your blog,你将对你的要点有更好的了解,并且可以更容易地制作出一个引人入胜的、吸引人的标题。


正如你的头衔至关重要,你的引言段落在让人们继续阅读方面也非常重要。理想的,introductions should be relatively short and to-the-point,除了提供博客将涵盖的内容的概述外。If you can,the introduction paragraph is also a good place to include an interesting quote or statistic that's relevant to your blog topic. 当你写博客的“肉”的时候,另一件要记住的事情是尽可能的让它人性化。Readers should be able to easily skim through your blog post and get the gist of your ideas without necessarily reading it word-for-word.This is where bullet points and strategically placed subheadings can make all the difference.By breaking your post up into several key ideas,读者可以根据需要浏览,除了能够更好地导航你的文章,如果他们需要引用的东西。Subheadings and bullet points also help to break up blocks of text,which can be a visual "turn off" for your readers otherwise.这些特征可能是你的读者感觉他们在读一篇诱人的文章和感觉他们回到高中英语课堂读了很长一段时间,boring essay.


记住,你的第一篇博文可能不会是你最成功的,and they likely won't represent your best work as a blogger.This is especially true if you're new to blogging in general.As you write more blog posts,you'll develop your own voice over time,作为一名作家,你会进步的。你也会更好地了解你的观众,这将使你更容易为他们量身定做你的作品。The key is to always be striving for improvement!

Don't Forget to Incorporate Images and Other Media

最后,don't forget that humans are visual creatures—today more than ever.这就是为什么,当你浏览你的Facebook新闻订阅时,你开始看到越来越多的图像和视频(以及更少的纯文本)。考虑到这一点,把相关的照片放在一起从来都不是坏主意,视频,and other media into your blog posts (as long as they're relevant and will contribute to your reader's experience).If you choose to incorporate any media into your blog posts,just be sure to give credit where it's due.如果不向摄影师或其他博客作者提供信任,可能会导致诉讼,你肯定不想要。 对于照片,using the Flickr Creative Commons is a good place to start when it comes to finding stock and other photos that you can use on your site.


可以,so now you've got a better handle on how to create your blog and publish new posts,但是你是怎么做的呢 money off your blog?关键是为搜索引擎优化你的博客文章(这样你的潜在读者群更容易发现它们),并采取正确的步骤将你的网站作为一个整体货币化。 让我们从SEO的基本解释开始,以及它如何影响你的博客的性能。

Choosing Tags and Categories

搜索引擎优化是指搜索引擎优化,这基本上只是一个花哨的方式,指的是你可以采取的步骤,使你的博客在搜索引擎的结果排名更高。For example,如果你在育儿博客上写下你抚养双胞胎的经历,有人在谷歌上搜索“双亲教育技巧”这个词,当然你希望你的博客出现在搜索结果中。然而,your blog won't 自动地 仅仅因为你的博客主题与人们正在搜索的内容相关(这会使搜索变得太容易),就在搜索引擎结果的顶端。Instead,你需要优化你的博客,使搜索引擎在人们搜索相关词语时更容易找到你的博客。 这样做的一个好方法是适当地标记和分类每个博客文章。Specifically,you'll find that on your CMS publishing page,会有一个空间让你给你的博客贴上特定的标签,并为搜索引擎对其进行分类。发布博客文章时,千万不要跳过此步骤!Skipping this step is a sure-fire way to make your blog post nearly impossible to discover through the search engines alone.


Keywords are another important factor that come into play when it comes to your blog's search engine rankings.Keywords are individual words or phrases that people commonly search for.通常情况下,keywords can divided into one of two categories: According to Mike Templeman ,Foxtail Marketing首席执行官兼创始人,“为你的品牌开发合适的关键词,以针对你的特定受众,这将增加你的在线流量,从而有更多的机会将潜在客户转化为潜在客户并以销售结束。”关键词可以通过多种方式在您的博客中发挥作用。首先,you can always tag individual keywords in your tags and categories.然而,你也应该找到方法,自然地将相关的关键字纳入你的博客内容!有机地这样做是提高你的搜索引擎优化的一个很好的方法,which can in-turn lead to more people coming to your website and reading your blogs.


除了知道如何最好地利用你博客上的关键词外,还有一些其他的 SEO技巧 值得牢记的是,这会增加读者群,并使你的博客更具盈利能力,too.首先,虽然这可能与你的直觉相矛盾,avoid using industry jargon too much in your blog.术语是指只有行业专家才能熟悉的任何特定术语。记住:你的博客应该吸引尽可能广泛的读者,因此,在可能的情况下用“外行的术语”说话是实现这一目标的好方法。另一种在谈到SEO时要记住的类型是使用简单的句子和可读的字体。这些微小的变化会对你的搜索引擎优化产生很大的影响,信不信由你。


Alright,让我们进入有趣的部分:用你的博客赚钱!There are several ways to go about this,which we'll outline below. CPM 每英里广告成本的缩写,CPM广告允许你根据获得的页面浏览量获得报酬。There are plenty of CPM providers out there,所有这些都提供不同的支付金额和其他规定。Take the time to explore your options and see which works best for your site and format.当然,这意味着在你的网站上投放广告,这对你的一些读者来说可能是一个关闭。因此,你将尽最大努力确保你的网站的整体功能和设计不会受到广告本身的太多影响。 PPC Another advertising option that can yield profits for your blog is known as Pay Per Click advertising (PPC).A good example of this type of advertising that you've likely heard of is Google AdSense.With these ads,you get paid for every click visitors make on the ads themselves.These tend to be the best option for blogs that have high traffic,因为每次点击的支出通常很低。 建立在线商店 这可能不是你能从一开始就赚钱的东西,但是如果你的网站开始流行,you may want to consider setting up an online store as a means of selling merchandise with your blog logo or other brand. 其他货币化选择包括:


Any successful blog also has a successful social strategy behind it.这意味着让你的博客的存在扩展到你的网站和社交媒体之外。例如,as more of your readers share your posts on social media,他们会让“朋友”和其他追随者阅读。In turn,more of these people will share,它变成了一个雪球效应,可以大大提高你的博客的读者群和流量(从而通过广告增加你的利润)。


首先要了解目标读者使用的社交媒体类型,and learning how to use these for yourself.For example,if you're starting a mommy blog,then Facebook and Pinterest will be a good place to start.了解这些平台的内部和外部,and setting up your own dedicated professional profiles,是必须的。

Keep Your Profiles Updated and Engage With Followers

一旦你建立了社交媒体平台,保持你的个人资料更新是很重要的(包括你博客的链接和你做什么的描述)。以及定期发布和与你的追随者接触。Taking the time to respond to comments on your social media page,in addition to running fun contests and otherwise getting involved with your followers can make all the difference.

Consider Bringing in Social Influencers

这些天,在你的博客上引入社会影响者来推广你的博客,甚至是访客的帖子,是一个很好的方式来传播你的社会形象。For example,你可以考虑邀请另一个博客作者在你的博客上创建一个访客帖子,and then share that blog on their own social media page.This is a great way to cross-promote,也可能在你的社交媒体平台上获得一些新的追随者。你可以阅读更多关于社会影响者和如何使他们为你的博客工作的信息。 here .


考虑设置你的社交媒体页面 按特定计划发布 or calendar.There are plenty of free apps you can use to make this happen.This way,you won't need to remember to post on social media every time you post a new blog.Instead,你可以将你的社交媒体页面设置为同时发布,这样可以节省时间和麻烦。这也是一个很好的方法,可以确保你的追随者随时了解你博客上的新内容。


Last but not least,be sure to track your success and and followers on social media using one of 很多免费工具 that are available.This is a great way to see what's working in your social media strategy and what areas you may need to improve on. 管理和赚钱博客需要时间,耐心,还有很多奉献精神。You may not be making hundreds of dollars a month right off-the-bat with your blog,但如果你坚持下去,遵循这些建议,you can start making money by blogging about things you love!在博客上寻求更多的建议和提示?查看我们的资源 William Hill中国官网BlogCatalog.com